Natural Movement Fitness Program

Welcome to Natural Movement Fitness.

Our specialised physical education program enables you to reconnect your body with your mind and move freely as one.

From the beginner through to the seasoned performer, if you understand the importance of your longevity and health, you will embrace this exciting new movement.

Our natural outdoor playground has endless opportunities to move your body with ease and enjoyment.

This powerful training method is an essential element to restoring your naturally healthy body.

What are the amazing health benefits of this program?

  • improving your bodies natural ability to move freely
  • improve power and strength
  • increased movement and energy
  • increased self awareness
  • move efficiently and effectively with age
  • perform with correct technique
  • improve with real life workouts
  • move with your mind and your body
  • restore your inner calmness and balance
  • be strong to be helpful in everyday scenarios
  • reduce tiredness and lethargy
  • feel fitter, stronger and happier

Who would benefit from joining this program?

Absolutely EVERYONE can learn and improve with Natural Movement Fitness. No prior training or fitness level required , just a willingness to feel and move better for life.

What is included in this program?

  • 6 x one hour weekly coaching sessions
  • pre course material
  • comprehensive skill demonstration
  • small group environment
  • coached by Level 2 trainer
  • specialised Natural Movement workouts
  • progressive skill development
  • movement assessment