Hervey Bay Outdoor Gym

Welcome to Beachfit, where we make the most out of living in Hervey Bay.

We believe the human body is amazing. It is designed to be strong, flexible, energetic and capable of great displays of stamina. Are you taking the best care of yours?

At Beachfit, we want to help you live a healthier life through nutrition, exercise and adventure. The first step is recognising that you can change by learning more about nourishing and moving your body for the way it was designed.

To rediscover real fitness and restore your body’s natural vitality, join one of our life inspiring programs and begin your health and wellness journey with Beachfit today.

Group Fitness Training – Start your day with our friendly outdoor group training and be motivated to build your strength, improve your movement and enjoy being fit so you can live your best life in 2019!

Personal Training – Perfectly suited to those who want individual coaching to progress their skills and confidence within our safe and unique training system.

Nutrition Coaching – We share our simple, yet life changing nutritional beliefs around real food so you can learn how to nourish your body and continuously improve your health and wellbeing.

Adventure Club – Pack your bag and get ready to explore! Each year we have amazing destinations throughout Australia waiting for you and your wild side to discover.

Beachfit is an ethically-driven wellness service and is home to one of Australia’s leading Natural Movement Practitioners.

“As someone who has trained their whole life in the traditional sense, playing sport, going to the gym etc, Beachfit has revolutionised how I think about building fitness/ strength/ conditioning. That all I need is myself and my immediate environment and I can progressively become stronger, fitter, more mobile, more flexible and less fearful of the supposed limitations on my body.”
Kristin Jackson